How we produce and distribute

June 20, 2020

How we produce and distribute

Online shopping is growing worldwide and more and more people would rather shop on online than walking the streets. We think this is amazing, It's fast, efficient and you can get exactly what you looking for.

Kari working on The Nordic Storm

But there are also some issues with online shopping compared to traditional stores. Especially in the clothing market. First of all, you can't try the product on you and see how it fits. And it can sometimes be difficult to make a returns. You also need to wait for your product to arrive in the mail, and sometime you never know when it will arrive. As an E-Commerce business, this is something we have worked a lot with.



Our production facilities are currently in China. We have a very talented factory called Dongguan Lanwo Clothing Co who produces our linen shirt. From there we have a warehouse located close to the factory. When the products are finished, they ship the clothes to the warehouse. For us, this is amazing. First of all, we are located in the center of the world’s production line. Shipment lanes and handling are going blazing fast, and we can ship worldwide choosing from a range of shipping options.

Second, this also saves the environment and costs. We don’t need to “double” ship our products to our offices in Norway and from there, pack and ship again. The shipping transactions only happen two times. From the factory and then directly to the customer. 

Our production facility: Dongguan Lanwo Clothing Co

The third reason why this solution is so great, is that we can scale our production with the touch of a button. We have unlimited warehouse capacity. For big bulk order we can store several thousands of shirts. And when they are sold out, we only pay for the warehouse space currently using.

If we are getting a lot of orders, the warehouse supports a number of online stores and has enough staff to handle a lot of orders coming in. We will never fall behind schedule and end up with a queue of orders that needs to be shipped. 

The Nordic Storm warehouse in China


Our warehouse handles all our returns and will notify a team member when they get a product in return and send us a picture of the damages. Our team can then handle the complaint and decide where to go from there. This gives us the chance to work on developing the brand and not spend to much time in the administration. For the users, we hope we can deliver a high-quality product for the fraction of the cost. 


Thank you for taking the time of reading this post about our production. If you have any questions, feel free leave a comment below. 

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