The devil is in the details

June 13, 2020

The devil is in the details


Our linen shirt has a classic design. But if you look closer, you see all the unique details that makes it stand out. We have personally tested different kind of linen fabrics over the last couple of months, to be certain that we can provide the best linen shirts in the market. 

Pearl buttons

Along the line and in the shirt collar, we have classic pearl buttons. This gives the shirt a classic and timeless design. 

The Nordic Storm pearl button

Organic wood buttons

To give the shirt an organic and natural vibe, we have chosen to use organic wood buttons on the shirt sleeve and on the ear sleves. We also have hidden ear sleeves inside of the sleeves. Easy to fold up, and comfortable. 

The Nordic Storm linen shirt

The chest pocket

On the front of the shirt, we have a pocket big enough to safely store your sunglasses.

The Nordic Storm linen shirt


To make the shirt more comfortable when being active or on the run, we have added a few centimeters on the length. The shirt also has a slim fit tailored for your body. 


We hope you will like our shirt as much as we do — a comfortable shirt made for everyday use.

Please feel free to make a review of the shirt here: Review the Nordic Storm.

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