The future of E-Commerce - Freelancers

June 20, 2020

The future of E-Commerce - Freelancers


After working several years as freelancers, we see the benefits of collaborating with people that are specialized in specific genres. Collaborating with freelancers from all around the world connects all kinds of talents and together we can produce great things.

Kari taking pictures for the webpage

 Collaboration with other freelancers

There are a lot of benefits by this kind of collaborating. From our perspective, we are a small business, and we need to always produce new materials in all kind of forms. Also, there are so many skills we don't have ourselves. By outsourcing different kinds of tasks, we can be more productive with what we do know. And we also help out other freelancers that need more experience, or material to promote themselves.  

Peter Bryng working on a Norwegian TV show in Greece

Support the growth 

Being a freelancer, is a lifestyle. It is great, exciting, nervewrecking and can be challenging from time to time. We want the freelance industry to grow, and therefore feel it is natural to support other freelancers by working together. When buying each other's services, we support the growth of the freelance industry together. 


Do you want to collaborate with us?  

We are always looking for freelancers to collaborate with If you want to know more, please send us an e-mail and we can talk further. 

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